Dear Rebels,

Let me tell you about an entity called Obsidian. It dwells in a town called Boscombe, and is both a pub and a creative hub.

Obsidian began her life in the dark womb of Lockdown. Tended to via a blood supply of human labor, she amalgamated, becoming both a living and non-living form of her very own. She called herself Obsidian after the Inca blade forged from the deepest blacks of volcanic expulsion. The blade that was once used to remove the still-beating hearts of its human sacrifice. In this manner, it brought out the very best in people, a mannerism we hope to emulate. Welcome to Obsidian, the new home to the the creative.

We welcome you all!

Bestest Wishes,

Elkie & Chris

Obsidian's Birth

This was how Obsidian began...