Evening Events

The bar opens from 6pm. We serve both alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks. These events start after 6pm. Bookings can be made online or at the venue.

Doppelganger Dialogues

Welcome to Doppelganger Dialogues! A showcase for writers old and new. Writers submit up to 15mins of their story/play/poem and this is performed in front of a live audience for constructive feedback. Are YOU up to the challenge?

Open Mic Nights

Every Tuesday from 7pm is open mic night. £3 entrance fee on the door. First come, first served...instruments at the ready!

Dungeons and Dragons

A night for the chic geeks. Come join us for earth shattering adventures! Are you a gnome? a barbarian, perhaps your just a wizard with pot of luck up her sleeve. Geeks have never looked so good!


For those wanting to conquer lands far and wide. For those strategically minded. For those who have a burning desire for historical events, for those just wanting to try something a little different! Come and join Gary and his friends for WARGAMES! £5 entrance fee.

Queens and Queers Nights

 Queens and Queers Fridays! Your gonna love this event! Hedwig and the Angry Inch Movie followed by after party! Tickets £5. Reserve your ticket whilst you can!

Debate Night

Want to brush up on your debating skills? Fed up of arguing with a computer screen? Why not try your hand at debating. One subject. Two teams. This s**t just got real!

Film Nights

Julys films are 'The Shining' on the 4th July, and 'Misery' on the 18th July. Cult classics that need to be seen again and again!

Weekly Quiz Night

Who will win the jackpot? Come and try out your genius at our pub quiz. Every Thursday between 6 and 7pm. Be there or be elsewhere...I don't care, yeah man, whatevers...


Board Games

Why not join us for an evening of board games. Grab your friends and make some new ones. We supply the drink and the games, what more do you need!

Every Sunday from 6pm (adults only)

Every Sunday 12-6pm family fun time!

£3.00 on the door entry fee


Absolutely Fabulous

Performing live at Obsidian Bournemouth on Sunday 11th July 2021. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm.

Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment! See below! £5 per ticket


Chess Club

Every Thursday 7-9pm, bring your own board, or use one of ours!! Time to challenge that brain!

Coming Soon!

Just awaiting Confirmation! These events and more coming soon!


Evening of Clairvoyance




Script Table Reads

Ticket Booth

You can purchase event tickets here. Please beware that event organizers are responsible for the pricing, not Obsidian.
Absolutely Dragulous

Sunday, 11th July 2021. Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm