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Welcome to Obsidian home of the creative theatrical surrealist! 

  • Come and join us for a coffee and a chat!

    Currently, we are only open after 4pm on a weekday, this is due to refurbishment. At weekends we are open as usual at 10am.

    We serve tea, coffee, and cake during the day. You can check out our classes and community groups via this website, or pop in to our venue to chat to a humanoid. Our workshops and groups are thick and varied, so there is bound to be a an event that suits you. Come and meet likeminded people and make new friends, whilst honing new skills. We're all about the creativity and socialization.

  • As of 21st June we will serve alcohol after 4pm on a weekday, and 2pm on a weekend.

    We also cater for non-alcohol drinkers. Check our calendar to see our evening and weekend events.

Events Preview

To view upcoming events. Click this link.


Doppelganger Dialogues

Live writers/actors submission workshop.  New written works are performed on stage by professional actors. The audience delivers constructive feedback.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Come and join us for an interactive night of Dungeons and Dragons. Beginners and Advanced players both welcome! 

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Open Mic Night

Local Talent hits the stage! Come and join the fun and see what musical talent Bournemouth has to offer!

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Absolutely Dragulous

11th July, click below for more details

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Resident Artists

Come and see local artists art. All art is for sale on the shop floor. Below is some information on the artists presenting their work at the moment.

David G Taylor

David G Taylor (B. Wirral, Merseyside, 1968) is an English Artist and writer -who combines collage, drawing and painting. Often using a neon colour palette and microbe-like-hand drawn shapes loaded with symbolism.


Wonderful tablet sculptures, both Egyptian, and fantasy. These adorn our walls, along with the goblin faces he has created.

Gallery Walls

Many local artists work to be seen and purchased, from walking sticks, to precious gem stone jewelry, from paintings, to collage, or clay, our walls adorn it all!